Demon & Wizard – Evil Possessor LP


“In Reims, at the beginning of the year 1976, Jean-Marie Robbe founds his first group with Michel Mathieu a school friend, PARASITES, of hard rock classic. They give a concert at Flambeau in Reims with Philippe and Pascal on bass, the latter being the brother of singer DCA who was also roadie for SOGGY . Robbe leaves the group that will continue for some time under the name of FAHRENHEIT. At the beginning of 1980, its the beginning of LOOK OUT with Jean-Michel Rameix and Popof on drums, which becomes a duet following the departure of the latter. They meet Philippe Lonchay, and having the same tastes and the same records, he attends rehearsals in their local and then joins the group that will be called TANNHÄUSER. But the experience will be short-lived, JM Robbe explains it to us:

“The first reason is that we were able to improvise great stuff for 15 or 30 minutes, but we could not reproduce it, the magic had disappeared, and with Philippes presence, it was going away very quickly. The second reason is that on my side I had over time acquire a few stuff, synths Korg, Crumar, mixer, echo chamber etc etc … So very boring to move everything this for a weekend at the local, Repeat at home was more “simple” except that at home, it was a teenager room, about 10m ² that I shared with my brother, 2 why not, 3 impossible …. So these Logistical and artistic concerns were right of Tannhäuser, and it became DEMON & WIZARD … .. ”

Spring 1981, DEMON & WIZARD gave a concert at the fair expo of Reims, just 3 tracks, 2 acoustic guitars and a mixed reception. Philippe Lonchay: “We thought it would be nice to have an LP to us, so we contacted the label Kiosque DOrphée in Paris, but at the sight of our budget, we only pressed 100 copies I draw the cover in the felt and I use the Letraset for the texts, Jean-Marie Robbe and Jean-Michel Rameix take care of finding material to rehearse and play, then Michel Godot records them in the room of Robbe named for the Wizards Castle. The compositions are written in 3 as well as the realization, but Philippe having no money, it is put in guest. The influences of the moment are diverse, ranging from RAINBOW, ASH RA TEMPLE, BLACK SABBATH, CAN, MOTORHEAD, KLAUS SCHULZE … to medieval music. The material used is as follows: Crumar T2 synthesizer, Morris 6 and 12 strings acoustic guitar, Les Paul Aria Pro II electric guitar, Electro-Harmonix flanger, Boss table 8 inputs and an echo chamber with tape. – Cameleon.

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