Lionel Marchetti – Chasser, 1ere Etude Naturelle cassette


Chasser (2012) contains his “first natural study” Volet in three parts. Most of the sounds used for Chasser, was recorded in mountains via a k7 tape recorder and recomposed to his personal studio in France, as well as CFMI Lyon, GMVL of Lyon and the INA-GRM studios of Paris (1991/1999). His sound palette is an eclectic mix of the most diverse materials. Natural landscape recordings that are used as the main sound source, manipulated and mixed with electronic sounds, piano tunes and poetry. Lionel Marchetti manage to approache his music as a source of images, recreating an artificial sound environment, a world within world.

The piano fragments are from 5 studies for nothing, composed and performed by Olivier Capparos (recordings at CFMI Lyon / 1995) and are freely arranged by Lionel Marchetti.

Voice presence: Hélène Bettencourt, Adèle Marchetti, Frédéric Malenfer, Proteus Morganii,
William Pellier, Kenneth White and Bruno Roche.

The fragments of the texts of the sonorous poet Morganii Proteus – Prey is my voice – are
interpreted by himself (sound recordings inthe factories of Uriage-Vercors in 1993)

The fragments of Kenneth White’s poems – Limits and margins – are read by the author
(recordings at a conference by Lionel Marchetti in 1995.

Side A
1. Premier mouvement – 12’27’’
2. Second mouvement – 8’26’’
Side B
3. Troisième mouvement – 23’37’’

“Chasser” is released as a limited number of 80 red coloured cassettes.
Cover photo by Bruno Roche (1993)
Design by Moras Marios

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