Remek Hanaj – Nagrania terenowe snów LP


r-9178840-1476153656-6645-jpegSolo LP from Ksiezyc member.

Folk dream trip field recording journey on the outer.

How has music in her personal kind of wasted time when no one is listening here, nor does it perform live, and if the game is already the reflection of a different “personality”? When her owner, creator, disappears with it as an organic part of yourself forever. As far as we familiarized form of the music is the same as its mutual relations with internal author? What happens if this form, at least in the sense readable us whole, it is elevated beyond the attention and available rather bezkształcie?

It happened the first spring after the birth of Theodore winter in May 2011. Yes, it was then a short three-day winter valley. I had a dream that I’m calling for John Bujak, an excellent violinist with traditional Szydłowiec. He was dead already for five years with the mountain. And for the life he liked and knew how to interpret dreams. So I got through to him wherever he was, and I say ~ Hello Mr. Marian? ~ I correspond particles of cosmic noise, gurgling in the handset and motoric rhythm, and after a while I hear the characteristic Bujakow whistling. I repeated, and in fact once again takes place, a fragment of the meeting, which took place in 1999, during which Bujak plays me the most beautiful of his mazurka, and then states: ~ This music looks. ~ Mazur know in the first sounds, but it sounds like quite differently. Game on. He and like he did not. And more and more it is not. I recognize the kind of music Klejnasa, Kędzierskiego, scum, Jakubowski, Bździuchów, and then even singing kurpiowskie, Kujawy, Lublin. Some Bujak heard at festivals, the other on the radio, some could not hear in his lifetime.

This LP is a sketch traditional music, music that kind of gone, but comes again, just in zapustnych masks of the world upside down. Field recordings of sleep, a large compression downloaded on waking. Nothing more. Sky like. The first mixes made May 3, 2011, the majority was ready that summer, which came to pass after the unexpected, ekstraordynaryjnej winter, when I finished the rest of the dream was coming awake, such awake during the long time looking out the window.

01. Start with the Meta (2011/2016)
02. Hello Mr. Marian !? (2011/2015)
03. Groove Zygmunt (2011)
04. Tapestry kajocka (2011)
05. Mowodia (2011)
06. Bździuchowisko (2011)
07. Primeval (2015)
08. Here and now – Chant (2011)
09. Road (2011)
10. Pasiklejnas (2011)
11. Yom in laila (2015)
12. To You (2016)

Remek Hanaj – field recordings and home, breeding sound mix, violin, drum
Tadeusz Sudnik – Electronics (1), mix and mastering
Eugeniusz Rudnik – the tape (2). Track No. 2 was published on CD Eugeniusz Rudnik “Thumbnails” (Requiem Records 2015)
Lukasz Pawlak – graphic design

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