Mark Vernon – Time Deferred LP


Followers of the artist Mark Vernon will note a subdued and pensive mood on this new record. Muted and sepulchral, these tracks are in a minor key, a key which opens the door to a damp cellar of the imagination. Too-many legged spiders crawl over dusty violins. Time lurches, loops and echoes like excursions on slow motion railways in reverse. Concrète noir sombre séances for non-believers. Tauntological voices from the past provoke us. Half guessed ghosts, magnetic phantoms from funereal-to-reel tape recordings. The sibilant persistence of the deceased evokes the exhausted dread of waiting for a medical test result. Enigmatic messages thrown to the werewolves with nothing but cheap medication and some breathing exercises for support.

Mark Vernon’s solo noir album on Gagarin Records comes in an edition of 300 copies. Cover art by Dennis “Ultra” Tyfus. Design by Meeuw. Caution: this record can cause dreamless nights.


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