Andrzej Szpindler – Ssanie w trąbieniu na smykałce do ciągłego oddawania 2 x cassette


“Somehow it is strange and suspiciously sweet, to remember that once, only the living hung out under the skull, observing incarnational progress.”

Ssanie w trąbieniu na smykałce do ciągłego oddawania (Sucking in a Honking with Gumption for The Constant Giving Back) is the audiobook version of enigmatic Polish author and poet Andrzej Szpindler’s novel of the same name. Read relentlessly by the author over the course of more than 160 minutes in the high-speed style of the disclaimers that can be heard at the end of pharmaceutical and political advertising, Ssanie is set to the author’s own music (of a sort). Szpindler processes his voice, honks on the aforementioned trumpet and rattles through the pots and pans to create an appropriate atmosphere of disquieting overstimulation that is equally puzzling for Polish and non-Polish speakers.










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