Blod – Missväxt LP


Blod is the solo project of Gustaf Dicksson (Enhet För Fri Musik, Oroskällan). Since 2014 Blod has released a number of home-recorded cassettes and a handful of LPs. The melodies are mostly familiar and lonesome, Dicksson finds these melodies come to him naturally, which creates a sort of naivete.  Swedish melancholy, close relations and white trash culture are all subjects that inspire Blod’s music. There is a juxtaposition present in Blod’s work: the banality of the artworks, the melancholic inspiration, combined with a sonic landscape that escapes any label. Although the contrast is confusing, there is an ever-lingering warmth through the music. The heart is always present. 

Missväxt is a new studio recording that explores the myth of ancient Swedish beings and the feeling of misery. The inspiration comes from medieval music– the bellowing bass drums beneath airy flute.

Missväxt features guest appearances by

Elin Engström (Loopsel, Monokultur): drums

Astrid Øster Mortensen: vocals and flute

Joakim Karlsson (Facit): production and synth

Magnus Jäverling: flute

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