dot-obj – Glisten / Heaven by LP


Featuring members of acclaimed experimental hardcore band, Pious Faults.

Like some Russian imperial palace, the music of dot-obj presents a grandiose façade. Yet, surrounded by pillars, frescos, and marble idols, the ornate interior is pervaded by a profound sense of emptiness. The stillness rots: chambers echo endlessly into one another, the fountains in the courtyard are dry, the lawns immaculate for the footsteps of no one. For such is the humiliation of dot-obj. As a spire reaches in vain for ‘God’, the disassociated self fills the absence of feeling with a symbol of its beauty. The music is a desperate reach for catharsis, a shiny-faced effigy held up to the sun, hoping for access to the ‘emotive sphere’, but only to reveal the shame of its creator.

Inspired by the orchestral drama of late-era Scott Walker, the ethereal soundscapes heard on Nico’s Desertshore, and the avant-songwriting of Eartheater, Glisten / Heaven is dot-obj’s debut release. Featuring member/s? of experimental hardcore band, Pious Faults, dot-obj cast pop melodies into an endless synthetic plain. The fabric of each song is warped inside layers of faux string sections and distorted electronics, pierced by a guttural vocal lament.

dot-obj is a malleable object. Perhaps, within the elongated crash and fall of melody, you may be buoyed up above the wall to observe something its makers have not. As they grip to their beautiful objects for assurance and feeble pleasure, you may ascend the spire someplace else. There is no knowing where; this is at your discretion.

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