FPBJPC – Concert Performance – March 8, 2017 cassette


This is a recording of a four part performance at Kunstverein Braunschweig during Ben’s Käsesakramentsystem show in 2017. The first part is Kate Sansom’s rendition of the “Piano Sonata After a Conversation with Jonathan Gean” record, which approaches the problem, among others, of playing a partially but necessarily electronic record on the piano. Part two is a performance by a group of amateur and professional musicians of Paul Kont’s Strohkoffer Suite. We’d been curious about Paul Kont, whom we’d found mentioned, and wanted to hear his music, which we weren’t able to do, so on finding a score we asked that it be played. Part three is a performance by three professors from Braunschweig Municipal Music School (very nearby) of a Gerhard Lampersberg suite for snare drum, kontrabass, and saxophone. Lampersberg is also someone we’d found mentioned (more than heard), and this score comes from the ‘Was immer auch sei Berlin bleibt frei’ book. We appreciate that the abstracted connection of these pieces is a little dramatic. We wonder when or why they may last have been performed or not. Part four is a play set in Canada, in which we and Knud further abstract ourselves a little bit using certain metaphors and musical motifs at a particular rhythm (accordion and singing). We talk about opinions we have and things we’ve done, and we play ourselves and each other. It’s all real of course. All in all the whole thing’s a little operatic!

-FPBJPC 2019

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