Franco Leprino ‎– Integrati… Disintegrati LP


One of or favourite of the original 70’s Italian mixed brew avant-garde lp’s. Like Battiato’s works of this period this one avoids easy categorisation and sets itself somewhere within the progressive, the classical and the paradisiacal.

“Music that moves like smoke and incapacitates your defenses as only the finest smoke can, Integrati…
Disintegrati blows in on the same esoteric cosmic third stream of Italian 70’s underground music that includes Franco Battiato, Pierrot Lunaire, Arturo Stalteri and Luciano Cilio (to cite four key examples) and which owes nothing to the sympho prog fixations of most of their Italian peers. Glazed systemic tides of watery acoustic guitar gently roil atop burbling pools of subtly modulating synth, occasionally graced by whispers of piano, flutes and crying infants. Leprino manages the rare feat of being simultaneously diaphanously delicate and eerily tense. My 5:00 AM acid comedown soundtrack du jour” – Mutant Sounds


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