Ildefonso Aguilar – Erosión 2LP


A masterpiece of proto-ambient, isolationism and minimal synth music.

Spooky, meditative soundscapes inspired by the desolate volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote (Canary Islands), created using Minimoog, Polymoog , vocal loops and field recordings.

Originally recorded in Germany in 1978 by Spanish painter / sound artist Ildefonso Aguilar, only a selection of the original recordings were released a few years later on cassette and LP.

*Expanded 2LP edition including the complete work from 1978, never released on vinyl until now.

*Master tape sound

*Liner notes in English / Spanish by Frankie Pizá (TIU Mag)

“…a masterpiece of synth music, mysterious yet powerful, steering well away from the clichés of mainstream synth/new-age/ambient musics.”- Alan Freeman (Ultima Thule)–H2V4JQogw

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