Kay Hoffman – Floret Silva LP


Re-stocked: Classic haunted mix of medieval music and progressive / psych / folk with Latin lyrics straight from the Carmina Burana book featuring members of Pierrot Lunaire.

The “Floret Silva” project was born when minimalist composer Kay Hoffman went to Italy in the mid-70s, where she met Jacqueline Darby, a welsh soprano who had recently been working with the Italian avant-prog band Pierrot Lunaire. Jaqueline was working on new compositions with RCA producer Vincento Miccocci in Rome and she asked Kay if she was interested in getting involved in a new project. Kay agreed and Gaio Chiochio and Arturo Stalteri of Pierrot Lunaire also joined them on this new venture. Gaio travelled from Rome to play the guitar and other friends of Jacqueline also offered their collaboration.

In a short time, Kay wrote all the material, inspired by the Carmina Burana book and her love of Medieval and Renaissance music. Kay also contributed vocals, clavinet and piano and together with Jacqueline Darby on haunting, magical vocals plus an impressive cast of jazz/rock/progressive musicians, they recorded “Floret Silva” in Rome during 1977-78, under the guidance of Vicento Micocci.

Sadly, RCA backed off and the album went unreleased until a copy of the masters found their way to Japan, where the great Belle Antique label put out a vinyl edition of “Floret Silva” in 1985. In 2006, US label Robot Records did the first CD release.

After many years out of print on vinyl, we present a new vinyl edition of this lost piece from the Italian 70s underground avant-folk scene.

RIYL: Jan Dukes de Grey, Księżyc, Svitlana Nianio, Wicker Man, Pierrot Lunaire, Opus Avantra, Current 93, Nico, Wooden O…

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