Limpe Fuchs – Via LP


Limpe Fuchs’ first solo record came about by accident. Initially,
Christoph Heemann invited the famous Anima duo to do a studio record in
his home-town Aachen, but Paul Fuchs decided not to join in, so Limpe
went on her own – and the recording sessions taking place in late 1986
and early 1987 turned out to become “via”, Limpe’s first solo-record and
 the (visible) starting point of her ongoing exceptional career as an
internationally performing, independent female improviser. Besides a
plethora of (partly self-built) acoustic instruments that can also be
heard on her legendary Anima (music) records, such as violin, saw blade,
 chimes, wood block and limpe’s unmistakable unique vocals, “via”
featured a korg-synthesizer, that drew Limpe’s attention in the studio
and she decided to give it a try and recorded a lot of electronic music
for “via” – and in all the years to follow since then she never got near
 the instrument again; neither for studio recordings nor live

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