Marsfield – The Innocents LP


The most lengthy and delayed album ever-and begun in 2007… Earlier this year the album was at last complete and represents quite some changes in its 12 years of production for Brendan Walls & Andrew Chalk. ‘The Innocents’ spans two sides and two tracks ; Viae Memoriae & A Inocencia As Vikki Jackman plays some piano parts on the A side, there is some  connection to the previous Marsfield album (The Towering Sky 2009/FP 016), but The Innocents mutated into something altogether more deeply-rooted in the subconscious, with its unhurried evolution and even pauses before the conclusion on the end of the LP.
Mastered at Earlabs in Holland and cut by Noel Summerville at 33/45 in London.
Full colour sleeve and pressed in an edition of 350 copies.

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