Melkings – Movement Musik cassette


We’re back! More Melk! In case you missed last round, Melkings is the core duo of Jim Strong and Thomas DeAngelo, aided by various solicited contributions. ‘Movement Musik’ is the follow up to the two ‘Outten…’ tapes on The Gift of Music, completing a sort of self-contained trilogy (of which Association Copy’s ‘Schlager’ could be considered a semi-related prequel). All three tapes present a distinct realization of similar sources/set up, and can be enjoyed on their own, or in sequence. With that out of the way, what does ‘Movement Musik’ sound like? It was compiled from the same sessions as ‘Outten Inside’, however, while the primary concern remains belabored rehash within different contexts, the progression here is to literal motion, as the Strong Estate in Narberth, PA is probed, prodded, and milked with all the dexterity of a bemused child. In comparison to the two prior tapes there is something approaching ‘patience’ on display, with an intermittent, hovering dread redolent of such heady classics as Hastings of Malawi, East Bionic Symphonia or the Curfew Recordings. Eventually our journey circles around, as it must, as a dog chasing its own tail. Crucially, this music can be enjoyed solely on sensual character, without any speculation of intent or analysis, as in a dog licking its own arsehole.

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