Michael Pisaro – asleep, street, pipes, tones CD


gw004_frontcover_d_newasleep, street, pipes, tones (2009) is an investigation of the sounding properties of pipes and streets interspersed with a duo for bass clarinet and electric guitar.

The investigations form ten three-minute episodes, assembled in studio by Pisaro from samples—mostly organ, but also tiny snippets of vocal music and a single piano chord—and field recordings.

The instrumental parts, arranged in nine sections, also three minutes each, develop over the course of the 63’40” duration of the piece from a single tone into long descending melody.

In most sections the samples and instruments are augmented by sine tones.

Barry Chabala, guitar

Katie Porter, bass clarinet


Brief organ samples are taken from three recordings: Eva-Maria Houben, dazwischen/immer anders (EW 0407/8), Burkhard Schlothauer, abregistrieren (EW 0501), and André O. Möller, musik für orgel und eine(n) tonsetzer(in) …2003… (EW 0702), all performed by Eva-Maria Houben. Thanks to Edition Wandelweiser for permission to use them.

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