Nascita Della Sfera ‎– Per Una Scultura Di Ceschia LP


This Italian classic is most certainly adorned with the PP gold star, an all time fave of ours. The project of Udine born multi-instrumentalist Carlo Barbiera, with an album dedicated to the life and works of sculptor Luciano Ceschia. Nascita Della Sfera are one of these Italian outfits of the 70’s who appeared, dropped a single lp, an absolute belter and then vanished soon afterwards leaving not a single further drop into the audio ocean.  Sitting on the more abstract atmospheric end of Italian prog, think those Battiato records that followed on from the first two more conventional prog ones, Gudren, of course or Claudio Rocchi’s Suoni di Frontiera. This is the kind of dark disorientating trip we adore. At once placed in a haze of oppressive synth only to cut into a lovely acoustic guitar refrain. Weird tape works melt into sombre piano and that omnipresent Italian ambition rides the whole strange wave. The edits are crude, the sound of tape itself makes lovely unwarranted appearances. It’s mellow and odd. It’s a joy to note a host of vocalists appear on the credits but only actually present themselves on very rare occasions as a garbled abstract glut or some mere spoken words, haha, love that shit. Another sequence has 2 Italian men speaking fast nonsensical Italian regulary interuppted by one of them sounding like a demonic duck. This is a killer trip and gets our highest tip.

Line-up / Musicians

Carlo Barbiera/keyboards,vocals
Paolo Coretti/vocals 
Ettore Lo Cascio/vocals
Flavio Variano/vocals
Maria Zanetti/vocals
Leo Croatto/guitar
Alberto Zeppieri/sax,flute
Gianfranco Lugano/keyboards
Edi Croatto/vocals
Paolo Tosolini/guitar
Roberto Colella/guitar,bass



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