Negative Reaction LP


Finally a reissue of this absolute Oz burner! Negative Reaction’s masterful lone lp was originally released in 1981 by Dogfood Productions (home of the estimable Slugfuckers) & might be the most perfect example of dystopian malaise ever injected into the burgeoning post-punk scene. It’s easy to forget-or simply not be aware-that at the nascent dawn of the 80’s, specific, niche-perfect genres hadn’t been carved out. Done primarily via recitation, blurred guitar line, echos & feedback, the tracks don’t jolt, like SPK, or attempt to shock, like Throbbing Gristle. One of the most pivotal records ever from a bygone era chocked full of’em. Reissued on the Zaius Tapes label out’ve Tanzania, edition of 265. RIYL-Factrix, Minimal Man, Prominent Disturbance, Slit & Pre-Slit.

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