Nein Rodere – Sketches From Summer


Everyday journalistic recordings captured and collated throughout summer from Horn Of Plenty alumni and big shop favourite Nein Rodere. As always David’s music feels instinctive and woven into the fabric of his surroundings – the ever-present dull hum of traffic as much a part of his songs as the soft, intimate acoustic improv and cosy, close-mic’d murmurs. We had this on front to back a few times yesterday and it really seeps in, casting us into a warm Berlin apartment, windows open and wind billowing in whilst church bells ring out in the distance. Threaded between the lo-fi buzz are collaged soundbites stripped from anonymous podcasts or YouTube clips, whilst the stretched tape loops create a similar sense of mis-en-scene to the likes of Brannten Schnüre or that great Nina Harker record from a little while back. Individually hand-decorated by the artist themselves and placed in it’s own little mail bag.









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