Organum Electronics – WILDNESS CD


Lighting flashes through the ether And rain whips the earth violently
From the innermost depths, the pale light of candles A constancy
A midnight torrent overflows and marks time in solitude The cold air searches, sewing through the ground
Slowly changing and irresolute, nothing is lost
Paths are drawn, contorted by fierce winds that traverse the ground In uncertain times and places
Order flows through chaos
Every step of the spiral is forever surging and altered
Yet everlasting
In a space, an electromagnetic ring swarms then rotates
The ring releases its own shackles and plunges through the depths of space
The sounds draw out to an inner sea
Turning to dark fundamental notes and overtones
Phenomena, life and sound, as it arises To change the order of changes
The voice of wildness resonating in an impenetrable world That continues to churn and swirl
Between cathode and anode – iron filings pattern around a magnet Certainty changes, currents move the sand, heat dispatches the wind
The water rises, returning as rain
Changed to smoke and reappearing as vapour
The mass of the earth compressing the rocks
Fire changes everything, rising and falling, opening and closing

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