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Paolo Coteni is an anarchic, visual and sound desecrating artist from Italy. A visionary who overturns the sense of art, an independent sound painter and a theorist of the sounds of silence. “Paolo is an artist who escaped the reality of art. Always busy with the history of the avant-garde and a pioneer of minimalist music since the 70’s. He works on sound installations and interactions between sound, art, music, records and ambient music.” Giuseppe Chiari


“For this piece I was inspired by Laura Grisi and her sound works. When she made me listen to her work Sound, a series of audio cassettes with emblematic titles like Dieci Pietre Cantano (Ten stones Singing) and Il Rumore Della Vita (The Noise of Life) for the first time, I immediately understood the importance of her research. It inspired me to study the simple but effective techniques she used. This LP is a recognition of Laura’s innumerable artistic abilities, including working with sound, and Nel Corso Del Tempo tries to add new dimensions to the world of Laura Grisi.”

The first works of Laura Grisi (1939-2017) date back to 1964-1966. In this period, she met and married Folco Quilici, a well-known documentary filmmaker. Together they travelled to faraway lands like the Andes, South America, Africa & Polynesia where tribal and primitive cultures still existed. Long periods, up to six months at a time, in which she experienced the overwhelming power of nature and its laws. 

“I didn’t want a painting, a sculpture containing air, earth or water. I didn’t want air, earth or water to become objects. I wanted to recreate the experience of natural phenomena.” In 1968 she began to work with natural elements like fog, water, wind, air and light, artificially reproducing them in enclosed spaces. Drops of Water includes a drip system and a white fiberglass basin two meters wide. “I wanted to create the natural effect of the sound of water falling into water, to create an environment where one might meditate, listening to the noise of the rain.”

In 1969 she made the video The Measuring of Time, a single spiral shot in which the artist repeats the infinite and unfinishable gesture of counting grains of sand in the desert. In Pebbles (1973) Laura Grisi arranged and photographed five small stones in all of their 120 possible combinations. A scientific approach to nature, apparently explicable and finite, about which Laura Grisi, through her works, formulated her own hypotheses.

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