Posset ‎– The Golden Handshake That Almost Broke My Wrist cassette


Northern tape-wonk Posset celebrates the hazy, lazy psychedelic domestic with this gentle tape of warmed-up whiff: the Golden Handshake That Almost Broke My Wrist. Vocal jaxx is to the fore with a slow build of hissing incorporating the slight lurch of exhalation. Mouths lay slack as a sick vowel chunders to itself. The fat tongue becomes a most tranquilized muscle, only useful for licking a petri dish of suspiciously sour powder. Those cryptic tape loops whirr like a tree in the woods (unheard until you dig them) and collapse in soft crayola kisses. Just to keep you from napping ffw scree crackles in your bristly ear. A bunch of other wonks provide relief via the richly lacquered bass guitar or an absence of word-sense with only the ‘uhs’ remaining. The ever possible is redacted to the never begun. The spools peter out with the transparent whinge of protesting glasswear. And that’s a fact!

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