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On January 27, 2019, as part of the VIVAT LA DANSE festival of the Vivat d’Armentières, the duo Puce Moment proposed the first diffusion of their scores written for the mechanical organs of the Café des Orgues d’Herzeele. We have the joy of editing O.R.G, the recording of these five sound pieces in vinyl format.  

Puce Moment present  a recording of 5 pieces on one of the three giant mechanical organs of the Café Des Orgues, a surrealist place in the middle of the French Flanders countryside, where every Sunday, the population dances the waltz or the tango on the mechanical organ music of the 20’s. A place at once mythical and secret absolutely astonishing. The PUCE MOMENT duet, known for its interest in repetitive music, has built special scores played on the organ and the result is impressive. Somewhere between folk music and the obstinacy of contemporary repetitive music or minimal eclectronics.

“There is something of fantastic realism in this opus. As every time Puce Moment seizes a traditional instrument, it’s like a puppet master meeting a character with bare hands.

Here, the duo creates a new repertoire for one of the 3 old organs friends of a village cabaret that they visit since adolescence, for a strange burst of pop of the ends of Sunday.

And it looks like the limon organ is here speaking its language to him – or to her – for the first time.

Mechanical music has the advantage of being able to execute speeds or constants that can not be realized by humans. And this machine expresses itself in trance, repetitive music, with a sort of frenzy, like a race and the whirlwinds of all these decades of crossroads dancing.

In Japan, the aura of an object comes from its material but also from the auras of those who made it and took care of it. This aura is like a soul for those who believe in what Chris Marker calls so well “the two in between”: not quite a metaphysical beyond but a present augmented by traces of all our stories.

So the word is the organ renamed O.R.G (as in CYBORG) and its GHOST.

Those who have been dancing Sundays at Herzeele for decades have dreamed of it so many times: that the old, almost surviving automaton is hybridizing to a machine of today. May our stories and bones be one, in a cyborg moment, for a magical time, like the time of celebration and time traveling.

An event for real, in the political sense, a “trans-humanism” – in opposition to transhumanism robocop – because nothing is more cheerful when these dimensions here sewn together like the flesh of old frankenstein hold together.

To celebrate all these movements, the music inspired by org at Puce Moment is a trance that carries. This is his invitation to travel in the stray folds of the ultralocal. The pieces bear the curious names of the rural and peripheral communes of this French part of West Flanders, bordering Belgium, formerly a zone of all sorts of traffic and transgression … As if ORG was zoning by night or trading during the day: the beef, the seed, the smoke, the pylon, the wind turbine blade. Or as if O.R.G. remembered and waved in the dance of his memories all these neighborhoods, the infinite spiral parade of faces and bodies that come to life at his touch. ”  

Anna Czapski


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