Stefan Christensen – Atlas Rand cassette


New Haven, Connecticut based guitar slinger Stefan Christensen can’t stop. Can’t stop crafting music. Can’t stop releasing fuzzy low-fi rock. Since 2016 he operates C/Site Recordings, a cassette occasionally releasing vinyl label for outspoken guitar leaning experimentation. A year earlier he started to publish music under his given name after years of rehearsing and releasing with bands like Career Suicide and Sudden Walks or solo as Ehrgeizig or Permanent Feels. Now he turns up in the Kashual Plastik corner, suspending himself on a tape full of foggy notions. Two around fourteen minutes moving cassette sides, charged with lo-fi drama improvisation and jagged skeleton folk, unvarnished, direct, artificial, and pure. Music for uncertain realists, that believe in brief utopias. To be played on cheap tape recorders for a nippy eternal climax.

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