Sukora – Ice Cream Day! Nice Day! CD-R


“When you listen to Takayoshi Kitajima’s new album as Sukora (his first published work in more than ten years!), try to resist the urge to wonder what Kitajima is doing in order to create these sounds. If you’ve never heard Sukora before, it’s understandable (but not helpful) that process might be the first straw yougrasp at. After all, when confronted with art as uncompromising as Sukora’s, a natural question to ask is: what is this? Such a line of entry is reasonable, but irrelevant. Sukora’s almost-but-not-quite-nothing music resists typical through-lines. Instead, it establishes a specific and personal intimacy that’s been consistent across nearly all of his published works since 1994. The atmosphere is hushed, but not soothing. This is not ambient, nor is it necessarily “minimalist” composition. Sukora music says its piece with the crudest of audible components: an unsteady tapping, a low hum, a distant arrhythmic whine, rough artifacts.  There’s a jarring simplicity to it, a radical stillness. It’s barely anything at all. But it’s not nothing. What remains might seem self-negating (the absurd title and cover art could imply as much), but I submit that Sukora’s work is an example of positive nihilism. This music is honest and true. It’s not beholden to any style, method, scene, genre, or tradition (though it will certainly appeal to adventurous weirdos who dig the anti-music provocations of Gabi Losoncy, Nerve Net Noise, Graham Lambkin, or Walter Marchetti). Sukora is not trying to make you feel any particular emotion; it was likely made without considering “you” at all. So rather than focus on what isn’t there, listen closely to what is there: a small window opened to one man’s utterly singular, hermetic sonic universe. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another decade for the next one.” – Howard Stelzer

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