They Will Burn Us To Ashes – They Will Burn Us To Ashes cassette


It’s no surprise They Will Burn Us To Ashes harkens back to the collapsed rhythm of cassette renaissance. Mike Mangino is no stranger to such heyday. His diligence with pioneer basement industrial duo SMERSH has set the scene for Futurist irradiation.

Body-rhythmic static girds the matrix above which Mangino offers curious, plaintive reckonings. Telescoping narratives of electric impulse: a static wash, a hiss, suggestions of system breach. Mike Mangino may not be a computer scientist, but with They Will Burn Us To Ashes, the data is projective. Tensile rhythmic ambient works summon dark premonitions, but with a not-entirely-impenetrable paranoia. Isolationist electronics–as if Shinichi Atobe processed Basinski in an ominous ode to inertia.
Track titles offer clues through densely veiled synthesis. With pensive restraint, “There Was Nothing You Could Have Done” suggests inevitability, while “I Used To Be A Plastic Bottle” projects a vision of banal transcendence. The collection culminates with the B-side’s 42-minute “In This Grave Hour,” stretching out toward infinity in a piece of, this time, present -tense desperation.

If, as has been said, the only cure for postmodernism is the incurable illness of romanticism, then here Mike Mangino has cracked the middle path. They Will Burn us to Ashes is the perfect declination of binary apathy, dynamic in a way that thwarts essentializing, an ideal companion for the stony no-man’s-land we’ve come to inhabit.

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