V/A Labyrinth of Memories 2LP


Side A
SpeedBooth – Something I Built
Teresa Winter – Gods Heart
Brannten Schnüre Kleine Wolke
People Skills – Poem for Brant Lowe
Kirschstein & Agnes Beil – Sommerzeit Erntezeit
Massimo Del Corpo – Continuo
Hypnotic Sleep – Födder Maut Eck Gaohn

Side B
SpeedBooth – Above the Shop
A Happy Return – Ancient of Days
Monokultur – Inget att bry sig om,
Stefan Christensen -A Weeks Pass
Jonnine – Stare too long
Bobby Would – Eternal decision
Genghis Cohn – Butterflies
The Fulmars – Gertrud

Side C
Suburban Cracked Collective – Karl the Killer
Leighton Craig – Galaxy
Pumice – Necklace on a Necklace
Omen – Cant Look
Mosquitoes – Minus six dub
Maxine Funke – Lucky Penny
James & Vanessa – Yrt
Paul Arambula – On the Shed

Side D
A Method to Exist – The white wall Award
A Happy Return – Vision of a Fool
Cucina Povera – Lintuja
Omen – Go
Läuten der Seele – Spiegelungen auf der Gartenteichfolie
Laure Boer – Constellations
Loopsel – Svalorna
Thomas Bush – Private Dancer

V.A.: Labyrinth of Memories

A famous dialogue in a famous book on the transience of beauty, written by the possible only true dandy that ever promenaded on earth, goes like this:

“What of art?”
“It is a malady.”
“An illusion.”
“The fashionable substitute for belief.”
“You are a sceptic.”
“Never! Scepticism is the beginning of faith.”
“What are you?”
“To define is to limit.”
“Give me a clue.”
“Threads snap. You would lose your way in the labyrinth.”

Unfortunately, Kashual Plastik got lost, but the threads have snapped progressively. It got lost in fluxes, that sometimes dry up, freeze, or overflow, sometimes combine or diverge. On the way it became capable of loving without remembering, without phantasm, interpretation, without taking stock. The result is “Labyrinth of Memories”, an epic four-sided compilation, full of romanticism, witchcraft, and necromancy, drifting in an ocean of sentiments, that gently reach the limits of control. The music comes from a wild bunch of sonic outsiders from all around the globe, that go by names like Cucina Povera, Laure Boer, Paula Arambula, Leighton Craig, Teresa Winter, Brannten Schnürre, Hypnotic Sleep, People Skills, Bobby Would, Genghis Cohn, Monokultur or SBooth, to name but a few. They crafted 31 collages, songs, tracks and tunes, that leave the bourgeois dream of materialistic happiness and endless party freedom behind. Their creations rather reinvent the old idea of social meaningful vocal driven music, lifting it up into an experimental plateau of electro acoustic devotion, while handing out sweet illusions, that like to lie while telling the truth. From pure folk to psychedelic fuzz, from tribalistic drone pop, and hypnotic synth murmurs to jazz infused post-rock: with “Labyrinth of Memories” Kashual Plastik enters a world full of echoes by John Bender, Vashti Bunyan, Deux, Nick Drake, Human Flesh, Alan Lomax, Meredith Monk, Television Personalities, Stereolab, Tuxedomoon, The Velvet Underground, organ church music, The Kitchen minimalism, droning campfire folk harmony, and all that Jazzpuu eccentricity. Just to get it all, you need to bring some time, thoughtfulness, forthrightness, relaxation, and an open ritual of sentimentality, that tends to be happier then sad. The rest will be done by a gut-wrenching labyrinth of memories that doesn’t remember anything at all.

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