Wormhook – Initiation Into The Mystery Of Evil cassette


We will not be erased.

This ancient citadel is ours to haunt; the chrome palace built over our beds.

We imprint the paints that cover their crimes.

Flip the glare of their satellite mirrors.

Our choir is a whistle through the corridors of corporate Britannia.

But for now, it is their party.

They dance beneath a black sun.

Look here…the debaser has arrived.

The shaper of flesh, his gropes familiar now.

Mothers burden.

The devil at breakfast.

He thinks himself king because children scatter when he enters rooms, they split their knees tripping on pockmarked lawns.

See too, his soft hands have dredged this landscape; a ceremonial blood letting, adorned with frills, all the pomp streamed.

These perversions are palpable.

His collars and cuffs secrete masters blend- sulphuric coffee.

Ribbons of skin are kept in his pockets.

Magical dust beneath his nails.

We may have become folklore, but the wrangler is real. More real than he could have ever wet dreamed.

The unseen allow him this necromantic slumber.

There will be no charity when the hour comes.

This is why we wait.

By Sabine

Screen printed hand made slip on case.
Artwork by Wormhook
Words on ‘Hex’ taken from ‘Hex against Ian Duncan Smith’ by Sean Bonney.


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