Giovanni Di Domenico / Silvia Tarozzi / Emmanuel Holterbach – L​’​Occhio Del Vedere CD


L’Occhio Del Vedere is a one-hour piece by the trio of Giovanni Di Domenico (piano), Silvia Tarozzi (violin, 1/16th-tone violin), and Emmanuel Holterbach (large frame drum). In July 2022, while Di Domenico was working on an artistic residency at the GMEA in Albi, France, he made a trio recording with Tarozzi and Holterbach, which was later completed by Di Domenico as a one-hour piece.

Within the framework of a “triptych” structure, sparse melodies emerge discreetly and repeatedly from the three instruments, each time with slightly different textures. The delicate sounds created by the three musicians intersect, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes distantly, beautifully delineating a multidimensional expanse of space with a wide dynamic range and a mysterious atmosphere.

“We tried to find the perfect balance of tension and release, of consonance and dissonance – all this forms a very suspended feeling albeit the inside, the core of it, has a warm soul.” — Giovanni Di Domenico

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