Jean-Marie Massou – Sodorome Vol​.​III : LES ROMANS DE MASSOU LP


From 1973 until his death, Jean-Marie Massou lived isolated in the heart of the forest in the Lot, a territory he traversed and redrew in his own way, digging countless underground galleries, unearthing gigantic stones that he shifted, erected, aligned, piled up, engraved. When he was not moving heaven and earth, he drew and recorded on hundreds of cassettes his laments, his stories, his dreams, his speeches about the end of the world, ecological disaster, or the arrival of extraterrestrials. Jean-Marie died on May 28, 2020, at the age of 70.

During his lifetime, in early 2015, the label and collective La Belle Brute was created to publish Jean-Marie Massou’s first musical opus: Sodorome Volume I (2016), which presented an overview of his various sound practices. In 2018, the second volume of the collection followed: La Citerne de Coulanges, containing the contents of a cassette from the 1970s where Jean-Marie Massou sings while accompanying himself with stone strikes on the wall of a cistern inside which he records himself. This third opus: Les Romans de Massou, was the last sound project initiated in 2019 by Jean-Marie Massou and La Belle Brute. This album presents what Jean-Marie called his Novels. It was around the 2000s that he embarked on this series of sound fictions, where he tells a story and accompanies it with sound effects, music, and ambient sounds. He makes use of soundtracks he gathers from the radio but also uses his environment like a sound designer. To create his montages, he sometimes works simultaneously on three tape recorders, some playing, others recording.

Jean-Marie had played for us Le Repenti des Prostituées that we had agreed to publish; we later discovered, in the recordings found since then, the two other novels published here. The hundreds of hours of tapes still awaiting listening may reveal new ones to us. Like his galleries, Jean-Marie’s creations are fathomless.

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