Mark GPT – Physical Chat Prompt Response Set


12,000 new Drake songs each day. 23,720 new Einsturzende Neubauten albums a second and an avalanche of fake collaborations between Rose Tattoo and Nasenbluten, Heidegger and Weezer. We ask you to take a deep breath. Slowly… and exhale a long deep Ommmmmmmmm.

Now. Let’s introduce… Mark GBT.

Mark GBT allows you, the human, an opportunity to prompt engineer a human.

Ask anything you would like an answer to.In return you’ll receive :

* A one off unique recording based on the themes of your prompt.

* An original drawing (something like DALLE:2, but better, maybe)

* A hand written response to your prompt.

MarkGPT only responds to one prompt. Please include your prompt in special instructions box or email

Limited to however many are ordered in the initial phase of release.

Allow 4 weeks for the custom made response to your prompt to arrive. This ain’t no AI!

The human and physical last gasp is at hand. Don’t miss out on this final human interaction prior to a bazillion Bjork’s chew up the main frame… and then YOU!

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