Michael Pisaro-Liu – A room outdoors 2CD


‘A room outdoors’ is a 48 minute piece written in 2006 by Michael Pisaro-Liu for sustaining instrument, harmonium and field recordings. This was the first work in which Pisaro-Liu incorporated field recordings into his score.

This double CD contains two different realizations of the piece, one made in Brussels during the lockdown in April 2020 and one set up in Cremona in June 2023, each realized by the following artists: Disc 1 features Belgium-based Guy Vandromme (keyboards) and Adriaan Severins (field recordings and synthesizer), Disc 2 features Italy-based Luciana Elizondo (viola da gamba) and Fabio Gionfrida (field recordings), in collaboration with Guy Vandromme (Indian harmonium).

“A field is obviously a very different place to play music than a room. But what happens, when one plays in the field, is that it becomes a kind of room.”

“In this piece, the field is brought indoors. In the best realizations (such as the two on these recordings), the piece brings about a reversal, where the walls seem to be on the verge of disappearing.” – Michael Pisaro-Liu

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