Pious Faults – Old Thread LP


Penultimate Press (UK) and Aimless Wander (Australia) present the debut album from Brisbane’s Pious Faults. With ‘Old Thread’ this young Australian group have crafted a remarkably lucid and original vinyl debut. A sonic whirlwind of wonderfully deconstructed hardcore punk – songs stripped of inheritable form; leaping from stone to leaf to puddle in a unique, abstract manner.

Pious Faults careen through nine tracks on this 45rpm 12″, balancing short, disaffected hardcore punk blasts with an experimental urgency, as referenced across tracks like the massive “Worship the Surface”. The tense physical interplay between instruments feeds powerfully beneath uninhibited, wonder-full snarls that depict a landscape of the destructive external and a keyhole view into the bruised internal. Experience is exposed here by Pious Faults. Watch on and see no mind tied to its own leap. This record is born solely out of love, amusement & all the motions that follow in their wake.

UK/Australian mass produced repress at cheaper price, limited to 300 copies only. Comes with booklet. 

Tracked & mixed by Luke Walsh.

Mastered by Mikey Young.

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