Triple Negative – God Bless the Death Drive LP


Literally taking off where the acclaimed Precious Waste in our Wake LP finished off, London based outfit Triple Negative return with another exemplary amplified jigsaw puzzle. The playback of this reality is garnished with humour, bedlam, beauty and a robust fear of the predictable. As payback for your acknowledgment our international line-up deliver a disparate mix of genres and histographies rendered into a devious dish of rhythm, song, balladry and nerve. 

 This is Not This Heat.  A.Kostis/Kostas Bezos’ ‘Stin Ypoga’ (1930) is the template for Bad emotional investments whilst the haunting Fine Cargo Lacquer takes flight from the morbidly on point novel The Death Ship by B. Traven. 

God Bless the Death Drive could be construed as a compass to navigate the wayward wonder we inhabit or it can just be enjoyed. This second full length steers into scathed realms of everyday junk and poignant punk, all pressed down on the lowest quality ethylene and chlorine. 

Triple Negative return with another stamped digest of hope as joke, noise and song, rollicking rhythm and seasick soul. 

Edition of 500 copies in high gloss sleeve with printed comic book inner sleeve. 

Reviews for Precious Waste in our Wake :

“Passages of abstract, energetic garage-psych and a previously unimaginable range of unexplored tone and texture (both electronic and acoustic) are weaved together with sensitive, understated jumble-sale genius!! Every ounce of this trio equipped with jaws capable of delivering the same level of writhing combustible haunting BITE and rhythm as This Heat.” An endearingly honest and outrageously artful sense of seemingly forgetful prowess – having played together for seventeen years (!) and only now releasing their debut album, “Precious Waste..” really gives weight to the idea that it can take a long time to sound like yourself. Triple Negative’s entirely unique breed of dynamic chaos providing the thrill and bewilderment of observing that which is so close to collapse, evolve into a fully realised slab of INFINITE potential. Favourite thing we’ve heard in ages, cannot recommend highly enough.” – Low Company

“Three foreign sorts – a Kiwi, a German and a Romanian it says here – converge in London and make dough-thick improv rock-not-rock that sounds like they got all their mates in the studio to hoedown, holler and proclaim. In fact, I think there are just a lot of instruments, although I couldn’t say for certain what most of them are: things stringed and folky, reeded and snakecharmy, samplers, shakers and racket-makers. Voices are abundant, but the words could be in any or none of the languages Triple Negative speak. Gets pretty trancey and ritualistic at times, albeit with plenty of change-ups to pop your joints out, and it all amounts to Precious Waste In Our Wake being potent red diesel for fans of Royal Trux’s Twin Infinitives, Faust, Sun City Girls, Vibracathedral Orchestra and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides.” The Quietus

Melted alien fug and scattered dust cloud punk from inglorious crew of London by way of NZ reprobates – 2 Bridges Music Arts

Straggling, wheezing klatter and klang. i’d apply some elastically stretched rockist reductionism but really, it’s sound as collection / collectivism and all the ugly beauty that entails – Cows are just food


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