V/A – Accidental Journey 2CD


10 years drifting thru Genres and combining Materials.

Where does a decade start, where does it end? Years come; hours go. A group of ten. 0-to-9, 1-to-0, calendar years went by, flying high. Time is irrelevant, and yet, we like a look back to stare forthright. So, here it is, a big dark tempting audiobook for people with time, Acid Zen citizens, deep listening folks, slow consumers, with a desire for thrill, thrills for desire. A double CD. 40 exclusive contemporary illusions. Composed, droned, improvised, felt, and unrealized. Some just came up, others were profoundly formed. Pop, folk, ambient, field music, vocal pleasure, psychedelics, dub tunnels, dance sensations, freaky corners, ever so user-friendly. Deep-rooted Kashual Plastik associates like DJ Richard, Georgia, Bobby Would, Läuten der Seele, Time Is Away, Don’t DJ, Robert Bergman, Lamusa II, or Malvern Brume socialize with inner Kashual circle creatures like Inkasso, Laure Boer, Primitive Structures, Crude Fact, ML, or Edition D Art. Some bring hummed hits, like “Bucket Rain” by Omen, or “Opus I” by Ugne Uma. Other make you wonder in sound, like Paul Arambula‘s “On Display” or Sholto Dobie’s “Trough”. Not your average evergreens, but those that come to stay. As friends. In civil and all evil days. Lots of stuff to junk. In your brain, to accompany the rain, while being on a train. Plenty levels of utilization, for a novel civilization. Over there, they do not count in numbers, as nothing is to count for. Airs to airs, music to music, sound to sound. A decade of love and hate, of sorrow and borrow, tears, and all those repetitive fears. Accidental meetings in prewritten times.

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